Eyüp Sultan Mosque Restoration Project

Eyüp Sultan Mosque Restoration Project

Measured drawings, restitution drawings and restoration drawings for the mosque itself, inner and outer courtyards for the Mosque of Eyüp Sultan – home to shrine of Eyüp Sultan,  who is one of the most important symbols of the consquest of Istanbul – have been prepared under the contract between our company and Istanbul Reagional Directorate of Foundations.

Drawings are done under the influence of earthquake regulations and archive researches done by our team.

Drawings and researches got approved by First Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board.

Then static, mechanical and electrical projects are prepared for the spoken structures.

All drawings are done by using 3D Laser Cloud Technology

The project is completed in 20 months.

Applications of restoration projects are on hold by Istanbul Reagional Directorate of Foundations

About the Project

Date                : 2019
Employee     : Istanbul Regional Directorate of Foundations
Status            : Completed
Place              : Eyüpsultan / İstanbul